July 12, 2020

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Why Your Google Ranking Drops – Identify and Fix the Issues

Early in the morning when you reach your office and login to Google Analytics and check Google Ranking.

All of sudden, you discover that your website traffic has decreased. That’s the situation where you become restless. Your face is pale and the sweaty palms.

You might wonder how Google SEO rankings have dropped drastically for your website?Don’t Panic! Hold on nerves and stay calm in this difficult situation. Most of the time it happens where you are responsible for top ranking of your website in search engines.

Have a cup of Coffee and Go Ahead!

SEO Rankings Fluctuate All the Time!!

 You can do in-depth research and find your website rankings drop for the certain pages? Start with a tracking of ranking, complete website audit and look for certain keywords that have no worth for your website. Or possibly those keywords which are affecting your ranking. It won’t take time to find out where your website went wrong.

In a nutshell, we have the list of possible reasons your Google Ranking has dropped and how to fix them.

Identify if Hosting or Domain is Expired

Check to see if your website hosting or domain has expired. It might be possible that you’ve received notification of domain expiry and you didn’t notice. It is recommended to keep an eye on emails/ notification messages to avoid such type of problem. If it is so, then renew it as a first consideration before looking for other ranking drop factors.

You Are Looking for Ranking Drop of Another Country

Many times, it happens that you are sitting in the US and looking for the results or graphs of the UK. Ensure that you are looking in the exact country you want to target. For instance, if your target is US based traffic then look for the US rankings instead of the UK. And similar is the case with other countries.

Google Search Console Is Giving Errors

Learn if Google Search Console is crawling your website properly. Or there are some errors or warnings. If there will be some penalties then Googlebot will automatically give warnings of crawl errors. And more in case, you might get notification of manual errors if they flag your website pages in particular. Therefore, take care of the errors that they don’t exist.

Backend Site Changes Have Affected Your Ranking

Being an SEO expert, you might think that you haven’t recently changed anything in your website. But there are some factors that affect your website due to changes in site’s backend. There is a possibility that you have installed new plugin, updated existing plugins, changed the site theme or added some pages in the website. These changes might have caused the de-indexing of your site. Or maybe someone else from your team members have added a no index tag. If you discover these changes that disallow search engine to crawl your page then remove it immediately from the pages you want to rank.

Your Website URLs Are Changed

URLs are the sole recognizers for Google no matter if the content is the same. Hence, you can look for the change in URL, and targeted a keyword that has been removed from the page title. Somehow keyword density is also a contributing factor. You can look at Google cache by searching the cache: www.yourdomainname.com/your-page to see the page from Google eye. If the problem is identified, revert the site URL to rescue your potential customers. You need to redirect the old URL (301) to the new URL.

Recent Google Updates Might Have Dropped Ranking

Google keeps on releasing the updates each year. So, the shift up and down in SEO can happen. You can look for the date if on that particular day Google released any new update. If you will find any update news, then this might be the reason in the fluctuation of SERPs. Readjust and improve your site working straight off.

Your Website is Outranked

There are a number of reasons that your site didn’t drop but outranked. To confirm this, check the number of backlinks, content, number of pages your competitors have. Also, you can check this by adding URLs of your website and your competitors’ website into Ahrefs Domain. In this way, you will be able to recognize the factors that are affecting your on-page optimization backlink profile.

After all you are among a sea of competitors and your aim is to beat them with high-quality backlinks, engaging content with a number of high-quality pages that can help you rank better in Google SERPs. For an effective solution to Google ranking drop, you can hire SEO agency Boston to help you rank on top. They will provide you with high-quality backlinks, rank up your website ranking by fixing all the issues.

Referring Domain Ratio is Irregular

There must be a balance between domain vs. backlinks ratio. Like, 2000 backlinks coming from only 2 Referring domains sounds unnatural. Most of the time these links are sitewide links. And once you identify the issue, disavow those links. Above this, here is another bonus tip for you. Check for anchor text ratio.

Note: Anchor Text Ratio should not exceed 10 % of referring domains. Keep the anchor texts naked and branded.

Your Site Backlink Profile Is Not Strong

Link building in SEO has great value. If your backlink profile is not impactful then you are at risk of losing the massive quality traffic. Specifically, the links pointing to your website if lost can result in SEO rankings drop. No worries! Tools like Majestic, Ahrefs etc. can help you check the link profile.

In Ahrefs, go to “Lost Backlinks”. If you find any lost backlink and that was a major contributing factor in your website ranking, then you can recreate that high-quality backlink.

Sitewide links that are found in header, footer or sidebar are natural. Whereas, unnatural links must be removed if Google Search Console diagnose them.

Note: Too many sitewide links with keyword from sites that are not relevant to your website can put a huge negative impact on ranking.

Recent changes in the main pages or anchor text on the links to target pages can be alarming signs.

Note: Anchor text should be branded term rather than keyword.

If these links were helping you in site ranking then re-establish them and improve backlink profile.

Your Site Has Lost Quality Links

You can audit your website to check if your site misses the white-hat links. Ahrefs and Majestic can help you diagnose lost links and site-wide link drop to the web pages that have changed your website ranking. You can also identify the sites that link to your affected page and suffered recent link drops. Most commonly, the inbound link site changes, their on-page content, and URLs are affecting your ranking. With the help of Screaming Frog, you can search for the specific pages that are internally linked to the affected pages.

Now you have a complete checklist of where your website ranking is stumbled. If you have tried these steps but still having difficulty, schedule a consultation with a competent SEO agency to help you fix these problems all day long for you and keep your page on #1 Page of Google SERPs.