Unable to take out time to clean your residence? Looking for a residential cleaning service to clean your home regularly? Want to get a bright interior in just one wash? Relax! Your efforts bore fruit as we have got you!

Cleaning either of a small apartment or of an area of large magnitude requires a person to invest all his energies and time. In other words, cleaning is a tedious job and demands labour work. Simultaneously, in a routine and schedules full of commitments and duties not everyone can feasibly invest his time to undergo the residential cleaning. Also, a messy unhygienic surrounding makes a foundation for frustration, valour, and disappointment making you always end up in dissatisfaction. Not only that, but the unhygienic surrounding is also the leading cause of vulnerable microbial infections. Will you prefer to keep your residence messy and contaminated? Want us to help you with this filthy mess?

Delacruz janitorial as always provide customers with exceptional services even beyond their expectations. Likewise keeping the tradition, we now offer you a detail spotless residential cleaning service; covering your entire residence from right to left and top to bottom. Consider us the missing link, let’s join hands to make your surrounding more appealing and free from contamination. To avail of our services make a reservation at this very moment!

How to reserve our residential cleaning package?

For Dela’s providing customers benefits with convenience is of the main concern; thus, we strictly ensure that customers get easy access to our services without having to exert too much for them. In context with that booking and availing, our residential cleaning service is quite simple and easy. For making reservation customers won’t have to wait for getting their line connected with personals or their responses, waiting for calls or unbound searches. Simply scroll down fill in the online form available by incorporating the required details and that’s all! How will you get your schedule? As soon as our team receives your requested service, we notify our customers instantly about our availability and timing, thus saving your precious time. Also, check our commercial cleaning.


As per the requirement of our job and customers’ demands, we operate our cleaning service 24/7. Provide us the time when you want your residence to be cleaned and we’ll make sure that our cleaners’ will be there with a couple of minutes in hand. To meet customers’ surplus cleaning requests, we have extended our circle successfully and with this vast network, our team never fails to respond to each and every application. Also, have any queries? Why not reach us directly? Our personals will get them all answered instantly!


Handling your requests professionally is essential and can’t be entertained without expertise. Therefore it’s a compulsion for us to provide you experienced, skilful cleaners. Taking into account your trust in us and urges we hire potential cleaners with experience of handling such requests. We understand that your residence is your possession and thereby, customers’ security should be maintained. With our services we ensure you that our cleaners are not only experienced and skilful also they had been verified by us and are vetted.

Consequently, your security is never compromised. Need professional cleanup of your residence with delicacy? Get a quote today using our services!

Office Cleaning Washington

Along with our residential cleaning services, we have extended it and provide you with a particular office cleaning Washington service. As we all know, to breathe in hygienic surroundings is essential wherever you stay or live thus keeping your offices clean is essential. A Clean office definitely affects the way your employees respond and behave simultaneously have a significant influence on the investors and visitors. Want your office to be sparkling bright, dust-free and illuminated? Get it clean using none other than Dela Cruz Janitorial!


Having said that providing customers convenience is our priority; thus, how can we allocate excessive rates to our services. Either you want your residence to be cleaned or need our office cleaning Washington service we ensure you that all of them are available at affordable prices within the range of most of you. Then why to wait further?

Get yourself benefitted today using our incomparable customer-friendly services. As we care about you!