July 12, 2020

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CTA in website

Use CTAs Smartly to give your Website the Best Chance to be Successful

Smart Use Of CTAs

Companies looking to establish a business in Dubai or expand their current one can be in for a rude shock as there are several factors that run against them. Tough competition and lack of opportunities to market their product can be really disheartening for any company. Through a proper website, they can get a far better result with the design and content of the website can make a difference.  A website which is not great at offering the best user interaction is probably not worth it.

CTA in website

Thousands of dollars are the initial investment in any e-commerce website/ business portal. And if all this amount can’t lure a visitor to go for the featured product on a website, for example, then what it is the point developing it in the first place. Nowadays, among other factors, the designing and implementation of the CTAs are one of the crucial aspects. The assistance from a renowned web design Dubai firm can be of great help to any company or business concern. In this blog now I will try to offer a brief introduction to my readers how this all actually works.


Call to Actions Buttons: (CTAs) what’s the Science Behind them?

In simple terms, CTAs are action buttons which persuade a visitor to a website’s specific section or product. The motive behind it is usually to increase sales and offer potential customers an offer they can’t refuse. Apart from the offer, that is, the content or the tagline, the designing of the CTA and where it is placed is critical to the success of it.

A CTA is more than just an attention-grabbing tool. Through it, a website communicates with the visitors in order to make them go for an offer. The offer can be in the form of downloading an eBook, a free trial sign-up or download something of substantial value to the visitor. Through the use of cookies, a company can make sure that it can offer a visitor an offer based on his requirements.

The Design aspect of CTAs is also an Important Consideration

If you want to make your CTA standout, rounded edges are the most obvious choice as most of the websites use them. The visual psychology plays an important part here as rounded corners are believed to attract people’s attention more rather than a square or rectangle button. Outrageous shapes other than rounded edges are gaining popularity but you can’t use them on any page or for an offer.

Labeling the button correctly and leaving ample whitespace are two next features that you need to apply on a CTA to make them perfect. Come with a smart tagline or simple phrase or word that can trigger a response for sure. For example, mention Go for It! for a product that will be expensive after 24 hours so that each visitor feels the urge to click on it. Ample whitespace will a CT standout on the page and will be clearly visible even on a page with lots of text and graphics. You need to give your CTA a chance to make it work for you and whitespace do exactly that.

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Muneeb Qadar is a digital marketer by profession. Currently working for DubaiMonsters, he is one of the most experienced and skilled people in his filed having over 8 years of experience in offering top class online marketing services to his customers. He is a fond of sports cars and loves to go on long drives after a hectic day at work. If you are in need of a digital marketing guru to help you out with your new project, he is your man.

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