July 11, 2020

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Social Media : Twitter Profile


me and knowledgeTwitter is the micro-blogging site where you can post a message of word limit of 180 characters for your update with Links. On Twitter you can display the contextual message, Multimedia message and the Link for your website and Blog related to your Business and Product Promotion. Every day Million of people tweet billions of tweet every day on different points.

Go to: www.twitter.com

Some Useful tips for Twitter profile

  • Choose an appropriate Twitter Id with your business name or something that’s relevant to your business.
  •  Profile Picture: People Like to see who they’re the tweet with. I’ll prefer to use a picture related to your business if you are the tweet on behalf of your company and If you are tweeting as Individual use our picture as the profile.
  • Twitter Bio: Search engine picked up twitter account using your Bio so make a list of keywords and add those keywords to your bio details.
  • Re-tweet: Once one of your tweet get re-tweet by your follower then the chance of increasing awareness about you and more chance to see your tweet by all member on twitter.
  • Include your twitter profile link in the signature of your Email account so that it becomes easy for the people to get connected with your Twitter profile.
  • Make your tweet public so that everyone can see your tweet and interact with them with like, comment and re-tweet. There are options to make your tweet private or public if you make it private, it will be visible to the people in your connection.
  • Follow people according to the topic common to both. Twitter provides you with the categories and tells how many people are suggested in each category to follow.
  • To find out the existing contracts have the twitter account, connect your Gmail, Yahoo, messenger, contact list of the phone number with your twitter account.
  • If you are not able to find your friends and contact on Twitter, use their email address to invite your friends and contact on twitter profile.
  • Always use twitter own plugin to add the twitter follow button on your website and Blogs.
  • Use Twitter’s paid-for advertising service to come in contact with the wider audience and followers.
  • You can tweet directly to the Gmail and the phone on the twitter account using the Twitter apps.

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