We live in the era where videos are streaming on the internet. Social media presence is the best technology to reach out to your audience. It not only pulls your target visitor to your website but also quickly spreads your message. Videos are more engaging than text, and hence they are more likely to attract visitors.

You must have seen endless videos streaming on YouTube, and they are on countless subjects from financial tips to health tips. Videos are the most reliable and fastest ways to get traffic. Sometimes they get millions of views overnight depending on the topic.

Before you implement the strategy, you need to understand what type of video you want to upload on the platform. There are generally three types of videos: tutorial videos, how-to videos and review videos. You must be clear about the kind of video you want to release to achieve your goals. Video marketing generally teaches and helps users instead of focusing on your business.

Remember that YouTube videos grab the attention of people, and mostly the product review videos get searched. If you have an ecommerce business, you should not fight shy of investing in video marketing.

Keywords are paramount

Have you ever wondered how to Rank Videos on YouTube? Of course, there is a ton of videos on the same product or subject. Therefore, you need to make sure that you use the relevant keywords that ensure your video pops up on the top results when a user particularly inserts those keywords in the search bar. Before you targeting keywords, look for these signs:

  • If the keywords are showing ads, it means the search is popular.
  • Target those keywords that have a high search volume.
  • Look for the format that has highest views – how-to, review and tutorial.

High volume keywords will help you get maximum views, but make sure that they have low competition. Apart from that, other important things to contribute to your goals are:

  • Engaging video title – it must generate curiosity among viewers to click it once.
  • The length of video – try to have a short video with a clear message.
  • Content must be top-notch.

Have a plan (Rank Videos on YouTube)

Before you begin to upload your videos, you should know these three things:

  • What you are creating
  • Whom you are creating it for
  • What it will deliver to your users

It will help if you have a complete script on the subject about what you want to let your users know. Make sure that you know when you have to introduce graphics and the length of the video. If you do not have communication skills, you can hire an expert to deliver the message to your customer.

For instance, an ecommerce store selling health supplements seek a medical expert to give voice to your video. It builds more trust and reliability among viewers. Hiring an expert may cost you an arm and a leg as they have to learn the script and then speak naturally. Stop worrying as you can fund your needs with unemployed loans with no guarantor.

Hook your readers

Your goal is not to get several clicks only but to spread the message. A website has a bounce rate. Likewise, a video has a play through rate. It highlights the percentage of completion of video plays. The higher the play through rate, the higher the rank will be.

If you want your users to watch your video completely, the first 10 to 15 seconds are intrinsic to captivate viewers. Make sure that you hook your viewers in the early 10 to 20 seconds. Otherwise, you will lose them before you deliver value.

The best way to know what engages people is by analyzing a few videos ranking on the top page. Get an idea of how a blogger makes a fascinating beginning.

Identify the problem and relate it to viewers

If users are searching for a keyword, they want to know something. You should identify their problems to provide a solution. More than 90% of the videos fail to deliver a solution as they do not see the problem. Try to relate your video content to your viewers. For instance, you can grab their attention by introducing the phrase “you are not alone”.

  • Start with a rhetorical question, for instance, have you ever faced/wondered … As you ask this question, viewers will get engaged immediately.
  • Introduce statistics to show the problem is prevalent.
  • Put real-life scenarios so that they could relate easily.
  • Provide a solution.

Tips mentioned above can help you to rank Videos on YouTube top page provided you use the right keyword and give a solution to users’ problems. Make sure that you do not reinvent the wheel. Ask viewers to subscribe, like and comment on your videos. It also helps boost rank.