Points To Learn More Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to optimize the website content and creating the outside links for the website to drive more traffic and audience to the website to promote the business and product.

Search Engine Optimization is split into two part

On-page and Off-page

The Objective of On page and Off page Optimization is same that is greater visibility so that more traffic can visit the website and make it more popular. On page and Off page are two strategies that contribute to make your website rank higher in the User search result for specific product and business.

search engine optimization(SEO)

Off page :

Off-page optimization is external strategies. Using off-page we can bring value to the content from outside. we can create different Link and information related to the website on the social media site to bring the traffic from the external source. It includes creating the external link on other popular website and update on another social site ( Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Instagram)   with inside link to the website.  Another method for the external link for website traffic is to create bookmarks, article submission, Directories and News update related to Business with an internal backlink to the website.

On-Page :

On page involve changes made in the content of the website to draw the attention on the traffic. There are multiple lists of changes in    On Page SEO that can bring the content to top Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Some of the points that can be useful for the increasing traffic are:

  •  Relevance Article
  •  Keywords
  • Title tag
  • Image with Alt tag
  • Focus Keywords

The value of changes in On-page content has higher value then the off page link created on another site because if we create multiple of the link on other social media for the traffic of the site. Only 10 percent of total traffic is valuable out of total traffic came to your site from those links. On other hands, we make few changes in On-page content according to the Google algorithm it brings more traffic to our website that is on based of specific search related to the content of the website and your business.

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