July 11, 2020

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Payment Gateway : Online Transaction Platform

What is a Payment Gateway?

Do you want to accept the payment  from the debit card and credit cards on your website. A Payment Gateway authorizes electronic credit card and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments to provide seamless payment processing for businesses. It is similar to a POS terminal found in many retail establishments.

Payment Gateway

Sensitive data, including credit card numbers, ACH account numbers, AVV and CVV2 information is encrypt and store by Payment Gateway and ensuring that confidential information is safe while processing payments. The Payment Gateway is responsible for  transferring payment information to the customer’s acquiring bank . Hence Payment Gateways reduce a business’ liability and ensure that payments are processed securely.

You can automate payment processing by having a secure software vendor communicate with the payment gateway and the acquiring bank to provide seamless payment processing. k-eCommerce Credit Card Extension, a payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics users, works with multiple gateways to ensure secure payment processing. This PA-DSS certified solution makes it easy for a business to obtain PCI Compliance and also supports token technology.