Link Building for Blog And Website

Method Of  Link Building

Link Building for Blog And Website is the best SEO strategy available. In Quality facts it is revealed that links, content, and Rank are the top three ranking signals in Google’s search algorithm.

Why are Links Important?

Link Building for Blog And Website has been a part of Google Ranking algorithm for a long time now and has no sign of going away any soon. Increasing the traffic to the website include the backLink as one of the important factors.

Links are like online voting system

Links tell Google that people like your content and likely to suggest others to read it. Link also provide the path to the Google Robots to crawl your website and help to index it on Search Engine.

But, here the problem – “All links are not created equal, some carry more weight than others.”

The quality of the link is determined by many factors like:

  • From whom it has come?
  • Is the site authoritative?
  • PR of the page from which the link has come.
  • Is the site relevant to your topic?
  • Anchor text

Building quality links back to your site carries more value than any other means of SEO.

Links are crucial, in fact, without any links, it is nearly impossible for you to rank in SERP’s.

No Links, No Ranking

While link creation and the building is important, in order to gain more and quality backLink for Traffic, you need to have many marketing skills and should be ready for hard work to do so.

Best Link Building Techniques

Here are multiple Link building Techniques to create valuable links.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the technique to publish your post on the blog of others to create a direction to your website from another blog.

Personally, I am not a fan of guest blogging, it requires a lot of research for the blog who publish the content article matched with your website and allow guest posting on their Blogs.

You need to spend hours in finding right topic, creating content, submit it and waiting for it to be published.

Here’s the best alternative to guest blogging –

Broken Link Building

The Internet is an ever-changing place, lots of sites appear and disappear every day. While lots of sites links to one another there is a ton of chance the link got disappeared/broken over time.

Such links can provide real value to your content. There are so many tools and even browser extensions that can find you broken or dead links.

After you find it, just contact the site owner and notify them of the broken link and provide a fresh one which links back to your content.

Most people would be happy to link to your content if it is valuable.

Blog/Article Submissions

There are tons of sites available on the Internet that exist solely for purpose of linking to your site, the only thing they need is your content to be good.

Lot of them can provide do-follow links which carry real weight for your content.

But, you may be risking your site to run into a penalty. So, I advise you to take caution while executing this technique.

Buying Links

ink building

Lots of agencies like The Hoth exist in market solely for paid links services.

While it is pretty hard for search engines to identify such paid links, but if they do your site will be penalized and it will cost you far more than you paid for buying paid links.

Also, such paid links tend to cost hundreds of dollars and the quality is pretty sub-par. I suggest you spend your money in legitimate link building techniques.

Link Reclamation

Lots of people mention you or your blog on their pages but without linking back to you.

Such posts are easy targets to claim and get an extra link back to your site.

If you want to learn such techniques, Brain Dean at Backlinko has written an excellent article on link building techniques in detail.

Importance of Off-Page SEO?

This infographic by Moz can give you a better idea about rank factors and the weight each one carries:

Most of the key factors Google use to rank your site has nothing to do with your site’s content or optimization.

All Google wants to do is to present most relevant, useful content to users and it does it by mostly using off-page signals.

If you have a little bit knowledge of this field, you might have been convinced that off-page SEO is all about links. Well, it’s not, it is so much more than that.

While link building is important but, it not the only factor that you need to pay attention to while doing off-page SEO.

If you are new to SEO and searching for SEO topics to learn, Read – What is SEO?


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