7 Advantages Of International Benchmarking For Multinational Companies

An enterprise needs to undergo an assessment to understand what are the areas in which its performance can be improved and the appropriate methods which can help in the objective. Benchmarking is a process which involves comparing an organization or its processes or products against other entities or their practices and productions in order to identify the best ways which can help increase the efficiency. The practice is essential as it will not only improve the performance of a company but also increase its net worth which can be beneficial during transactions which may involve valuation by mergers and acquisitions consulting firms. The major advantages that international benchmarking for multinational companies provides to such organizations are being mentioned here.

1. Identification Of Areas Of Improvement

The process of benchmarking involves looking at other organizations, possibly the leaders of the domain, to understand the practices which helped them reach the present position. Once an enterprise starts comparing its own procedures or products against others on a variety of metrics, the areas which need improvement will be immediately identified. This will be helpful in drawing up a plan for improvement and the exact fields where the time and resources must be invested for the purpose. An assessment of the areas where the company is performing below par and is getting beaten by the competition is conducted quickly when such a strategy is adopted. Many times, internal evaluations no matter how thoroughly they may have been conducted, do not spot the weaknesses or shortcomings which only come to light during assessments such as those conducted by M&A consultants in India for fixing the value of a company.

2. Objective Appraisal Of Performance

All organizations undertake internal evaluations and customer surveys for assessing their performance and there is no doubt that such activities are useful. Benchmarking though provides a different perspective on the matter and gives an honest and objective appraisal of the company’s performance. Instead of past accomplishments of the organization, the parameter for appraisal is the achievements of other entities who are leaders of their field. The standards are also automatically set high and a very realistic understanding of the current position of the company can be had. It is extremely beneficial as it pushes an enterprise to achieve excellence in all areas and achieve a position among the best in the domain. This is also helpful in attracting other companies who may want to enter into a collaboration and advisors like Merger & Acquisition firms in India rate organizations which use benchmarking for appraisal very highly.

3. Recognition Of The Best Industry Practices

International benchmarking of multinational companies is done not only for evaluation but also for raising their standards or setting new ones. Even large and reputable entities may not be aware of some of the latest practices related to a business process and the activity helps in finding out about the best strategies and tactics being employed by market leaders to achieve excellence. The achievements of other organizations, as well as the errors committed by them, give other companies a chance to avoid the mistakes while adopting their best methods to better their processes. Not only large enterprises but also startups can gain from such evaluation as ranking among the best in the world will be helpful in increasing their value which will make them a suitable target for acquisitions and rated high by M&A firms in India.

4. Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Improvement Measures

Every commercial organization invests significantly towards introducing measures for improvement in different areas and undertaking an appraisal based on comparison with external entities will also give an idea about the effectiveness of such measures. Comparing present statistics with past figures does help in understanding whether the implemented strategies are bearing fruit or not but when the best entities are use as a yardstick for appraisal, a complete picture emerges regarding their efficacy. The entrepreneur can make a decision based on such evaluation whether to continue with the tactics or modify them or discard them completely.

5. Reduces Production And Labour Costs

One of the biggest advantages of benchmarking for large enterprises is that it can help in cutting down production and labour expenses. A Exposureto some innovative technique being used by a startup for manufacturing or any other business process will help them in exploring similar ideas that can be use by them for reducing operational costs. Moreover, the metrics about the total revenue will help in assessing whether the organization is overspending in one area while insufficient resources are allocated to other. Better allotment of resources among the different divisions of a business is the surest way to save money while ensuring efficiency.

6. Improves The Quality Of The Product Or Service

The process can also prove beneficial in bettering the quality of the product being manufactured or the service being provided. Even big organizations may be left behind by a new and smaller entrant introducing a better commodity and therefore one of the prime reasons that encourage corporations to conduct benchmarking enterprises is to assess the standard of their offerings. Market leaders want to ensure that the quality of their productions remains consistent as compared to those offered by their rivals and a comparative analysis using different metrics is always a preferred route adopted by them for the purpose.

7. Helpful In Increasing Sales And Profits

An entity that uses benchmarking for assessing the quality of its services, products, operations, and processes and takes necessary steps for improving them will always be among the top players in its field. Its chances of augmenting the user base will always be high as potential customers will notice its efforts and regard it as a dependable and progressive entity. The sales figures will undoubtedly show an increase with not only the existing clients but also other members of the target audience purchasing its products. As the evaluation will also help in reducing operational costs, the profit of the company will be greater than before.


International benchmarking for multinational companies helps them in improving their performance in all areas and strengthen their position as market leaders in the business vertical they operate in besides increasing their revenue.

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