July 12, 2020

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import of wordpress user

Simple Process to Import and Export WordPress Users

Is it possible to import and export users of WordPress from one website to another? If yes, how this can be done? The process is very helpful if you merge several websites and automatically shift users from existing sites. Although a DIY process is enough for importing and exporting users of WordPress, you may hire WordPress developer for the same. Professionals know better and can ensure you a smoother, efficient, and successful process.

import of wordpress user

Reasons you Require Importing and Exporting Users in WordPress

There are a number of use-cases for importing as well as exporting users of WordPress. Some of the most common situations when you require importing and exporting users include the following:

– On purchase of a website for merging user base and content.

– Consolidating two websites and merging their user base and content.

– Importing all users into a specific email list or CRM.

– The process may be required on larger membership or multi-author websites in WordPress.

Here’s how you can import and export users from a specific WordPress website to another.

How to Export Users in WordPress

Step 1: Start with installing and activating the special Import Export WordPress Users plugin.

Step 2: Once activated, you would require visiting Users » User Import Export page. Thereafter, simply scroll down to export section.

Step 3: You require choosing a user role on this page. It is also important to choose to export from your site. Additionally, it is possible to choose fields that you wish to export with user, and more.

Step 4: All user fields are exported by default. In case, you don’t wish to export a specific item, just uncheck the same from the section ‘columns’.

Step 5: Post choosing the settings, you require clicking on the button ‘Export’. This will save an export file ‘CSV’ in your PC.

Step 6: You may even make use of the file to import users into a different WordPress website.

How to Import Users in WordPress

Here, you would require similar WordPress Users plugin – ‘Import Export’ that used for exporting users. It is important that you have this plugin installed and activated on the website where you wish to import users.

Thereafter, you require visiting Users » User Import Export page. Now it is time to click on the button – Import Users.

Import Users

On this page, first, you need to click on the Browse button and then select the CSV file you want to import. After selecting the CSV file, you need to click the Upload file and import button.

Upload File

Once done, you will see a success message with details on how many users imported, status message, and more details on the process.

User Import

This plugin will help import users and even allocate accurate user role automatically. Thereafter, it will fill in other settings of the profile.

Hope this information has helped you learn about ways to import and export WordPress users without any hassles.

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