July 11, 2020

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Method Of Image Optimization

Image Optimization For Search Engine Optimization

Image Optimization Of Website is important to rank up in Google Search Engine Result Page and to promote your Business and products.

The image is use to describe the product on the website and Information regarding the website. These images must be optimized before adding on the website because sometimes it can increase the loading speed of the page or website.

Use Legal Images

Companies that are new to digital marketing quickly learn that certain rule for using Image in their sites.Image Optimization

It is illegal to use the copyright  or design images on the website without approval first. It isn’t worthy of being penalized for such fundamental mistake.

we can use the non-copyright image from a different platform where a thousand images are available.eg Flicker

Create Original Image

Google Loves when businessman creates a new image for the website that is not available anywhere else on the Internet. It is important a for boost in Google rank.

Always place the image under copyright so that same image is not used by someone else.

Keep in mind that JPEG, PNG, and Gif are the format use for the image on the Google network.

Different File Name for Image

Image name looks like a small detail but content developer must edit image filename before using it on the website. It is important when posting original pictures taken with the digital device. Often, the automatic file name is made up of numbers, and they mean title to a search engine.

An image always tags with something generic name as ‘IMG_586_1’.

Name of the image doesn’t be so huge something like ‘Img_dance_party_23664_33’ provides so much information.

Thumbnails Size

Loading time affect the SEO and Google rank. Large thumbnails can affect the loading speed of your website.

Ideally, they should be small as feasibly possible. It is easy to resize the thumbnails picture with photo editing tools.It is not worth worrying about the quality of the image because thumbnails are not the main reference point.

One tactic to maintain fast loading speed and provide clear, high-quality pictures is make them available in the new tab.

Alt tag on Image

Always use alt tag on the image upload on the website so that anyone can find these image on Google Image Search page easily by the tag name.