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Ad Extension provide the different reason for click on your ads. Therefore they improved the ad visibility and better return on Investment (ROI).

Google Ad extension helps to promote your business and product to the audience in advance way and use to create the direct way of contact with your business and website.

Ad extension provides additional information (“extending” form your text ads) about your Business. Some can be added manually and others are automated. These Ad extensions appear on the Search network ads and might also appear with the ads on display network.

Ad Extension

Cost Of Ad Extension

The Ad extension doesn’t add any cost to the campaign, you are charged as usual when someone clicks on your ads or interact with the ad through extension.

Automated Extension

If you don’t add any Google ad extension then automated extension appear with your ads. The format of automated extension consists of seller rating, consumer ratings, social extensions and previous visits. When it predicts that they will improve your ad’s performance.

Location extension

In location, extension shows your address, phone number and the map marker with your ad text. It provides a link with direction to your Business at the cheaper cost per click. This extension uses the Google my business to manage your address. Google My Business is free service that provides a path to the consumer to find you online.

Call Extension

Using this extension adds the benefit of allowing you to make your ads as call only ads. This extension used to serve only on the mobile device and desktops both. It replaces your Ads headline with your phone number when serving on the mobile device. If someone clicks on your ads with mobile, it will initiate a call to you and charge the same bidding amount. This extension can be used with the location extension.

Sitelinks Extension

Sitelink Extension Provide the Link that takes the customer to a specific page of your website. This allows you to promote the specific product, service and page of the website and allow taking the potential customer to their required information related to your Business on the website.

Callout Extension

Callout Extension provides you extra snippet and text that highlight the Quality of your product and offer. These are not the click-able but appear in addition to the headline of your ads.

Structured Snippet Extension

It provides the special context related to your Business and product. These Snippets provide highlighting text to your ads.


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