QuickBooks is one of the maximum famous accounting software program packages that a plethora of groups use. This is one of the motives why, Intuit, the team at the back of QuickBooks always gets the first-class updates and functions for its users. Those updates are the spine of the software and on occasion damaged documents cause-specific styles of error. One such error that has brought about several problems for the users is QuickBooks error code 99001.

QuickBooks Error Code 99001 takes place while you try and open a multi-user report in a single-consumer setup. The error message reads seems like QuickBooks is unable to open this agency file. 

What are the reasons for Quickbooks Error 99001?

  • The document is open on some other device in unmarried consumer mode.
  • The record is located in a study-best network folder.
  • The company data files are hosted on a Linux server and are using more than one set of login credentials to log in to the shared folder of the company data files.
  • The record is being accessed the use of a far off software program (LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and many others.) and the host pc nevertheless views that that user is still signed in.

How to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 99001?

Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor

Install and use the QuickBooks file doctor. That is important so please try this carefully. If this does not assist, pass directly to the following solution. However, this one is the very best as here the best aspect you want to do is to install the record and attempt to run it.

Solution 2: Manually Restore the QuickBooks Error 99001

If the organization file is open in single person mode in any other system

Step 1: Exit QuickBooks desktop in all devices.

Step 2: Open the employer document on the Host device.

Step 3: Go to the report menu, then select transfer to Multi-consumer mode.

Step 4: In case you are getting an equal hassle, reboot all workstations.

If the enterprise record is open in unmarried person mode at the Host System.

Step 1: Go to the record menu then pick near the company.

Step 2: Re-open the company data file. Go to the Document menu then press Open or repair organization.

Step 3: select Open an organization data files then next.

Step 4: Observe your user’s data files.

Step 5: Press Open report in multi-consumer mode then Open.

To resolve the error code you can take the help from Quickbooks Database Server Manager. It provides help to resolve the Quickbooks Software Errors.

If your organization record is positioned in a study-most effective community folder

Step 1: Go to the system this is web hosting your company data files.

Step 2: Open the folder in which your employer record is saved.

Step 3: Proper-click on at the folder, then select residences.

Step 4: Go to the Security option of the system.

Step 5: Choose the consumer that is having issues to log in then Edit.

Step 6: Check allows for complete manage.

Step 7: Press observe then good enough.

In case the system is being accessed remotely through LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and so forth.

Step 1: Proper-click on the taskbar, then press the task manager.

Step 2: Visit the techniques tab. Take a look at if there are walking procedures underneath the call of the person which you are having issues with.

Step 3: If there are tactics below that person, restart your computer.

After reading this article you can easily fix the Quickbooks Error Code 99001. In this blog, We discuss the Quickbooks Error 99001 symptoms, reasons and how we can easily fix the error code.