July 12, 2020

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Redirect 301 And Page Not Found Error Code 404

Reason and Method  To Remove Error Code

Error Code

Today we will discuss the Error Code and redirects to the Website.  In this article, you will discover the different option to redirect pages and learn how and when to use them.  As we all know that when we make some changes in the website pages like delete some post, changes the permalink or change the URL of the specific post and page it shows a 404 Error Code and other error sometimes due to some other reason on these pages. Hence we have makes redirect the URLs whenever we make changes in the URLs of our website. So that you can tell a search engine that there has been a change in the URLs and they have to go somewhere else, either temporarily or permanently.

Let us know the reason for the ERROR Code

  • Delete a page or post
  • Transfer your site to a new domain
  • No longer want to use www in your domain
  • Enable permalinks in WordPress
  • Merge websites
  • Change your CMS
  • Change your URL structure

To learn the way to redirect of the URLs and its influence what result will display by the server, you need to know more about the HTTP status codes. There are different codes like 200, 301, 404 and 503, for instance. Each code has a different indication.


404 indicate that page has not found

503 indicate that server is temporarily offline for maintenance

If you want to increase the SEO rank of your website and increase the quality. You have to maintain your site without any fault and must have knowledge of HTTP status codes.

Let us discuss the types of Redirects

There are a couple of redirects that we have to check on the daily basis to make your website run perfectly.

301 permanent redirect: It is the most common redirects that are used for permanently redirect a deleted or moved pages and changed URLs.  We use this redirect to inform the search engine this page is not available at this location and no longer indexed. If it is not redirected directly correctly, it shows 404 error messages.

302 found:  It is the temporary redirect that is used to divert the guest to another link as temporary. The code indicates that request content is found but it is live at the different location. So if you want to redirect the visitor to the alternate page, when it tries to visit a particular link page. Use the 302 Error Code if u want to use the link again in future.

Code for page not available on website

410 content deleted: One of the main points that divert your website performance to downward is the 404 error pages. If you look at your readouts in Google Search Console, you are bound to run into a few. Remove the error as fast as possible because no-one likes these errors. These are the sign of bad maintenance and confused the visitors. This error is also shown when the page or post related to the particular URL is remove or delete.

We can also redirect these pages to the other page or home page using the 301 redirects the page with 404.

So that search engine gets the update that the page is not present and never came back so that it can delete the page from the index.

503 Error:  Some time we have seen 503 error on the website. We think that site is not working or the link is invalid but it is not that. As these errors indicate that there might be some problem with the server that hosts the website or either the server is under maintenance.

I hope this article will help you to improve your website rank and provide the better result to the visitor from your side.


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