July 11, 2020

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Does digital marketing help in brand awareness?

Digital marketing!

The moment one hears this word, their brain starts processing words like online sales, click-throughs and search engine rankings. What we do not realize is that digital marketing is beyond these three concepts. We need to understand that creating brand awareness is another component of digital marketing and is just as important as any other components. However, digital marketing aimed at creating brand awareness is different from the traditional advertising. Where on one hand, revenue driven campaigns are very straightforward in that they aim to drive sales. There, on the other hand, content-driven marketing aims to establish your brand as something that is interesting and valuable. And in today’s era, any business that hopes to succeed can’t do so without employing digital marketing strategies to reach to its audience.

There are a plethora of strategies that can be adapted to create awareness about your brand using digital marketing techniques. One can opt to use one, two, three or an amalgam of 3-4 strategies (just like Spectrum Packages model that has an amalgam of cable tv, internet and voice packages) to achieve the desired amount of success and sales.

However, the strategies that can be adopted depends on the nature of the business and the audience. Following are some digital marketing techniques that can help to raise brand awareness:

Employ influencers:

If there is anyone who can convince a person to invest in a certain product these days, it is an influencer. The ‘influencer trend’ is on the rise. They are in numerous number on Instagram and some of them have a huge fan following. Girls and boys today aspire to be influencers and there are brands/companies who now post vacancies for influencers. If you are new to this term (which I doubt), an influencer is a person who inspires people to dress in a certain outfit or use a particular facewash by posting pictures or vlogs using those products. The more the followers, the more an influencer’s influence over people. Brands today look for famous influencer’s who can be anyone from an actor to a famous sportsman to a celebrated blogger.

When the influences uses a product by the brand and posts an authentic and unbiased review about it, he/she creates awareness amongst people about that brand, its product along with convincing them to buy that product. So, employing an influencer to create brand awareness should be #1 on your list.

Social media promotion:

The power of social media and its ability to impact people and their decision is something almost everyone is aware of. According to surveys, one-third of millennial prefer to connect with businesses through social media. However, choosing the appropriate platform to promote your brand on would be the key when it comes to social media promotion. You would need to know your target audience and the social media site that they are most populous on. If you fail to identify the correct site, you could lose out on a hefty amount of money as these campaigns are not inexpensive. Once identified, get ready to design campaigns that are suitable for that platform. To date, the most visited social media website remains Facebook.

Video marketing:

Videos are more impact than print ads. They grab the attention of the viewer in an instant (provided that they are creative) because people find it rather tedious to read content. Videos provide your audience with a taste of what the culture and personality of the brand are. This, in turn, leads to your audience trusting you fast as videos add transparency to your message making it more authentic. Video marketing can take various forms. From telling your brand’s story to demonstrating the use of a product, videos tend to grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. The latest trend in videos (live videos) has taken over the traditional form of uploading recorded videos on social media sites. Live videos enable the brands to connect with their audience on a more personal level and answer their queries instantly.


Every post and every link on your brand’s social media website provide your web users with an opportunity to see you. These links and posts help with SEO and have the power to improve your search engine rankings or hinder it (in worse cases). Hence, it is necessary for you to optimize each and every one of your social media page from top to bottom. Hire an SEO expert to get you through this and work with him/her to see whether your titles content, URLs and images are in alignment or not.

Once you have chosen the right blend of strategies to employ for social media marketing as part of your brand awareness campaign, you are ready to take action. However, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that satisfying the customer should be the key. Hence, communicate with your audience and respond to their queries quite often as well. Recently, I have had a very pleasant experience with Spectrum and its Charter Spectrum Customer Service. The representatives were so friendly and courteous and I would want every brand to focus a lot on their customer care service.