OnePlus has recently launched its 7T device and now it has launched the higher model, 7T Pro. OnePlus 7T Pro is their new launching and it is a strange device. Yes, it is a great flagship device with everything in its bag like 90Hz display and powerful processor but it […]

Fortnite is ongoing with Overtime Challenges as season 7 has recently ended. Developers at Epic Games have planed 13 different Overtime challenges for players before season 8 is made available for gamers to explore. These Overtime challenges are quite easy to complete and provide a golden opportunity for players to […]

Gaming isn’t just about entertainment and amusement. Even, gaming also benefits us in various ways, like increasing the rate of concentration, enhancing memory, and improving our multitasking skills as well. According to a study in China, playing games just for 1 hour can affect our brain, which further gives benefits, […]