Billing Cost Abbreviation For Ads

 Billing Cost Abbreviation


As we know that we are using the bidding amount for advertisement. We use different Bidding technique such as Automatic Bidding and Manual Bidding strategy in the Adword (Advertisement platform). Advertisement within other website and app is a common way for the website and app owner to convince the user to download the app and perform an action on ads. Billing for Such arrangement is commonly based on  Ads performance and response. There is a different way to pay for the advertisement of your business and product to the publisher.

Some of the Method is defined below

1. CPM ( Cost Per Mile)

CPM is traditional advertisement way to promote your product and business on the Internet. It appears in online and Mobile marketing. This cost model is based on the number of the impression on the advertisement.

The Word mile means ” thousand” that indicates, this cost model is based on the thousand impressions on Ads.

2. CPI ( Cost Per Install)

This Method is specific to the mobile application. It is used for fixed and Bid rate. the publisher has to pay only when someone installs the app after inspired by the advertising. So it has more chance to get higher ROI

3. CPA ( Cost per Action)

This billing model also uses online and Mobile marketing. Publisher pay for specific action on the Ads like cost per sale, cost per subscription or cost per order. The specific bid is fixed for the action.

4.CPL ( Cost per Lead)

This method is known as pay per lead. It is a common cost model in online marketing. The publisher paid only when client contact to the publisher using ads.

ex. Subscribe to newspaper

5. CPC ( cost per click)

This method used in both online and App marketing. The publisher paid only when someone clicks on your advertising. They don’t pay a flat rate but only spend money if the user comes to the site through tabbing on ads.

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