8 Most Useful Benefit To Set Up A Store Using WordPress Platform?


If you want to open a store online, the platform you select is critical. While there are plenty of choices, ensuring you select the correct can iron out the process of setup, and make sure that you are ready no matter how much your online store grows over time. The WordPress Platform has become a popular choice for most e-commerce websites as it provides many primary benefits for store owners online. We will discuss these in detail in this article.

Top 8 benefits of WordPress for e-commerce websites:

1. Stable and Scalable

When we say scalability, we are talking about how adaptable WordPress is to a website’s growth. As a complete Content Management System, the platform is solid enough to either remain small or grow to whatever scale and size you want.

Obviously, it is not just the platform but the host as well who needs to be flexible enough to scale or not. For instance, if you sign up for a smaller shared plan in order to work a basic blog, it should be okay as long as your traffic remains low. However, if your blog gets the ‘Reddit Hug of Death’, those certainties are rendered useless.

Thus, what you will want to do is blend a platform with a top-notch host that will suit whatever application you put it to. If you take a glance at the WordPress Website Showcase, you will see that it is filled with a number of very popular websites, such as TechCrunch and The Village Voice. This implies that the platform will support you, no matter your objectives.

2. Solid Security

Safety is crucial for any store online and not just on your end. It is also important to maintain your customer’s security no matter what the cost. As WordPress contains about all of the information you will need in one place, cybercriminals who might want to cause damage to your website will be attracted to your website.

To showcase this point, think about the sort of data the WordPress Platform will contain once you start running your store online. Your database will integrate payment data, customer login details, and other sensitive information. Allowing that information to be threatened would be a catastrophe for your online store and its customers. That implies your website will require a lot of security.

Fortunately, WordPress is developed from scratch to be essentially secure. The WordPress Platform protects you from within its primary code and it is easy to advance your website’s security even more. For instance, you can set up an SSL certificate quickly with your hosting provider. You can additionally download plugins focused on security, which we will talk more about next.

3. Customizable

WordPress has surely had a hand in website design evolution on the internet. The “WordPress Look” was once straightforward, and often implied a massive header with navigation, a sidebar stuffed with widget content, and a blog template based on readability.

However, the platform has outrun these initial stylistic basics and now be extensively customized when it comes to layout and appearance. This is easy due to the huge variety of free plugins available. In a nutshell, a theme manages your website’s look, while plugins allow extra functionality.

It’s plugins that will serve you well specifically when you are making an e-commerce website. For instance, WooCommerce is the most common e-commerce plugin that offers massive authority and power via a user-friendly interface. There is also a range of plugins available for security, like Wordfence, to support your website even more.

The code that WordPress is developed on is very developer-friendly, which implies that you can commission or create a custom design to meet your specific demands.

Additionally, there many page builder plugins that let you pick and choose elements to create your website and you can do all of this without the need to know to code. In Top Mobile App Development Companies you find WordPress development companies easily.

4. Cost-effective Entry Point

When you begin on an e-commerce store, you are working with a minimal budget likely. Luckily, this platform is very affordable. While operating a shop developed on the WordPress Platform is not totally free, you will require to spend less time here than what you would do on other platforms. Let us look at the modest merest requirement for establishing a website:

  • A domain costs about 10 to 12 USD per year
  • Web hosting can vary but it is around 30 USD per month
  • WordPress won’t cost you anything as it is free to install and apply

5. Content Marketing

In an age of digital marketing when current content is of top importance, a WordPress website has an edge over the conventional ones. Within seconds you can refresh your website’s content and you can arrange as often as you require without the necessity to go for many complex levels. You can additionally renew your website’s design in moments, making it an excellent platform for tactical operations. Additionally, staying updated on your content regularly will assist you and your business foster trustworthiness in your niche.

6. Social Media Integration

This is another advantage if you choose to develop a website with WordPress Development is social media integration. You don’t require a login to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn accounts individually and it automatically notifies your audience of fresh content.

7. Reactive Web Design

Responsive web design is now a necessity thanks to the fact that mobile traffic has far surpassed desktop traffic. Using WordPress, you immediately have responsive web technology without the need to make different websites for different devices.

8. SEO-ready

WordPress is SEO-friendly. Sites created utilizing WordPress have easy and even codes making them great for Google inventory. SEO elements for every page can likewise be customized providing you a complete authority on which pages you need to rate above everyone else in search engines.

Final Word

When it gets to e-commerce, WordPress is the ruler. No one can trump WordPress when it comes to customization, power, and protection, no matter how many alternative options you have.

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