Approach to Leadership Development Program and Training

Leadership is relentlessly contextual. That is why we tend to add shut partnership with business, learning, and talent leaders to uncover the important leadership behaviors, mindsets and capabilities that maximize the execution of your company’s strategy. Then, we scale them through an experimental leadership development program in the form of learning journeys. These embody a spread of tools and techniques together with assessments, simulations, deep skill practice, coaching and go do activities.

Our leadership development training journeys are delivered just about together with or via live room workshop experiences. Effective leaders have the correct mental attitude, leadership skills, and behaviors to make their company thrive.  Naturally, the only because of act leaders and develop them for fulfillment is thru targeted leadership coaching, and Great leadership programs utilize experiential learning and are tailored to the organization’s specific context.

Advanced Leadership Courses:-

An advanced leadership course ought to develop you into an efficient and visionary leader capable of boosting team performance and driving long business success. As an experienced leader, you don’t want a course that just goes over what you already know. It’s necessary to look out a high-quality course specifically designed for your level which permits you to work on your own business.

On joining, all students of the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) at the Indian School of Business (ISB) go through the Leadership Development Program (LEAD). The three-day LEAD program at Step Leaning is aimed at providing every student with an in-depth understanding of their strengths and areas of improvement so as to develop them into effective leaders.

For the duration of the LEAD program, the students are introduced to the ideas of leadership, derailment, personality, and emotional intelligence. The program is designed such that it has a mix of training methods: classroom teaching, high fidelity business simulations and one-to-one coaching sessions. These systems are used to sensitize and develop essential skills for leadership such as effective listening and communication, presentation, team building, boldness and problem-solving skills.

Our Approach to Leadership Development:-

Science explains however individual’s top learns and alters through lived experiences. With this as our backbone, we create behavioral change using a methodical approach:

  1. Leave problem-behaviors in the past and focus on identifying and creating the new desired behaviors.
  2. Facilitate learning by doing and use a questioning approach that facilitates self-insight, instead of focusing on giving advice.
  3. Provide experience, skills, and practice to enable the development of new “mental maps” that become “hardwired circuitry” over time.
  4. Drive intentional repetition and practice these new behaviors to create fluency and sustainable change.

In response to corporations who practiced generic and off-the-peg leadership development programs that weren’t delivering results, we tend to design a nice Framework for developing leaders. The Great Framework has 3 main tenants: learning is very discourse, it has to be targeted on polar leadership moments, and shows all leaders what nice sounds like within the organization.

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