May 27, 2020

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Apex Legends: PC Gamers Faces Server Issues Resulting in Stuck Loading Screen

Apex Legends: PC Gamers Faces Server Issues Resulting in Stuck Loading Screen

Apex Legends, the latest hit in the battle royale genre, is undergoing with some major server issues. Pc gamers have reportedly claimed that they have been unable to log in to Apex Legends on their PC.

PC gamers reported that they were unable to open the game and many other players who were able to get into the game faced constant disconnection. Seeing the server break down Electronic Arts came forward and confirmed the issue and assured the gamers with quick resolve.

Apex Legends PC Gamers Faces Server Issues Resulting in Stuck Loading Screen

It is not yet clear that what caused this issue to occur but many players reported that even though the game opened still, they were unable to access any feature in the game.

As players told that were able to see the initial loading screen for the title with a loading circle constantly spinning. But the game did not respond beyond the loading screen.

Many other users of Apex Legends claimed that they were able to get across the loading screen but then received an error. As the loading screen ends, a message pops up stating Disconnect Persistence Read Complete for data storage Respawn failed.

The error code suggests that the Respawn servers failed to connect players which resulted in long loading screens or login failure. This issue rose up around 5 AM in the morning time, and immediately a tweet was posted at 5:30 PM by Electronic Arts.

Currently, servers are down, and no such information is provided as to until when the servers come back to life, probably it would take some time to restore the game for PC players.

It is also possible that developers at Respawn have halted the services for the Apex Legends due to a prior issue with the Twitch Prime Loot pack for the title. The recent Twitch Prime loot pack was available for those players who successfully added their EA account with the Twitch Prime. But this event also faced some significant issues like many players failed in receiving a loot pack after linking their EA accounts with Twitch Prime.

On the other hand, those who dint linked their accounts managed to get the Loot pack, and probably Apex Legends was brought down for some time to resolve this issue.

It appears that this new title is facing its initial problems due to inadequate coding or some other issues are associated to the server malfunction, but evidently, EA and Respawn are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible for the fans to enjoy Apex Legends.

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