The dental world is an ever-evolving world. Dental specialists are busy trying to turn the dreaded dentist’s chair into a friendlier spot for patients. They are inventing newer technologies that suit patients’ needs and give them a dental experience that is far from harrowing and near to comfortable.

Technologies are evolving not only in a dentist’s clinic, but also in patients’ homes. From electric toothbrushes to advanced dental flosses, there are a lot many options to maintain your oral hygiene. Complaining of price? Not anymore. The latest discount code for Gearbest will let you bring home a high quality electric toothbrush at an exceptionally low price.

Electric toothbrush is one of the examples of the evolving technologies in dentistry. Softer bristles, revolving heads for better reach, special design to fit the curves of jaws, and, no doubt, beautiful colors to start your morning on a colorful note.

Apart from toothbrushes, the following technologies are creating waves in the dental world.

1. Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays have about 90 per cent lesser radiation than those contained in traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are also faster. The image forms on the computer screen within seconds. The dentist can zoom in the image to examine the picture and detect whatever is wrong in the mouth. The dentist can tell you whether your oral health is okay or not.

2. VELscope

VELscope is a special kind of light used by dentists to study a patient’s mouth. The light shines effectively inside the mouth so that the dentist can detect early formations of any oral disease or cancer.

3. Invisalign

Invisalign are transparent, in fact almost invisible braces. When they arrived in the market, they created a storm due to their almost invisible structure and easy-to-use nature. They almost toppled the traditional heavy, metal braces out of the market shelves. It is easy to take out Invisalign braces from the mouth and clean them. There is also no restriction on the type of food a patient can have. No wonder, they are so loved by people!

4. Laser

Lasers have been around for decades in the skin care world. Now, with their presence in the dental world, things truly are changing to be more comfortable and efficient. The conventionally uncomfortable dental procedures like cavity filling and whitening have now become breezier thanks to laser dentistry. Dentists also use laser to get rid of tumors, alleviate sensitivity of tooth, and remove bacterial formations to avoid further complications. Laser paves way for a quicker and painless dental procedure, much to the relief of the person sitting on the dentist’s chair.

5. Dental implants

Implants are a boon for patients who have lost teeth. Implants, which are screw-replacements for the tooth’s root part, help to restore a patient’s smile. The marvelous part? Implants render a natural look of the tooth.

6. Intraoral camera

Thanks to the advent of intraoral camera, a dentist can now observe hard-to-see parts of a patient’s mouth. The camera gives them well-defined images. The dentist can also show the images to the patients. This incredible camera technology lets dentists perform a thorough checkup of their patients’ mouths, with not a corner left in the dark.

7. Teeth whitening products

Whiteners have been constantly evolving. Since their invention, people are all smiles. You can say goodbye to stained or yellowing teeth and flash your pearly whites with confidence.

8. Nitrous Oxide IV Sedation

Sedation is a boon for patients who are fear visiting a dentist. Nitrous Oxide is also called laughing gas. The dentist injects it into the patient through IV (intravenous) injection to calm them down. The beauty of this injection is that the patient becomes relaxed, yet know what is happening. The fear vanishes.

Technologies in dentistry will continue to evolve. You can be a part of the technological revolution by dumping your traditional toothbrush and bringing home a sophisticated electric toothbrush. Looking for discount coupons? Visit Don’tPayAll.