July 12, 2020

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7 Creative Website Design Ideas- Best Practice Elements

Website design ideas play an important role in making the website engaging and interesting. The design matters as much as the quality of the products and services you are offering. The website is equivalent to a store. You would enter a store only if it looks appealing to you from the outside. Similarly, a person will stay and explore the products on a website only if it provides a good user experience. Thus, it acts as the first impression of your brand online and the right designing will ensure that the visitors have a nice experience.

Here are a few creative website design ideas to make it engaging and inviting for the visitors.

Play with Colors

Minimalist or neutral palette can, at times, be very monotonous and boring. Make it vibrant by making use of color therapy.  If you are looking for designing a successful website, make use of the psychology of colors, which is a proven method to establish and reinforce the desired user experience. The right color selection leads to both technical and artistic implications, which can increase your brand recognition by up to 80%.

Website design

Engage Not Only the Buyers but Non-Buying Visitors As Well

A majority of visitors land on a page just to explore and not to buy any product. The eCommerce website design should be done in such a manner that it engages this big chunk of people whom you can turn into buyers by your actions later. For this group of visitors, you need to insert a secondary call to action on your webpage that offers value to them and they should be motivated to go for it. However, care should be taken to ensure that this secondary call to action does not cannibalize your primary ‘call to action’ button.

Showcase Your Products

You might be offering a high quality or premium products, but unless you market them in style, it is not going to attract the visitors. Showcase the products in style making use of high-quality images, different angle views, options of zooming etc. Data suggests that using some video highlighting and showcasing the products in style can increase the conversion rates by 25-30%.

Keep Web Pages Simple but Crisp

The attention span of an average user on a webpage is just 3 seconds. To make an impact in this minuscule time, you need to showcase your content in a clean and crisp manner. A cluttered website will make the experience overwhelming forcing the user to abandon the page and move on.

Simple yet Intriguing Design Will Leave Visitors Wanting for More

Instead of providing everything on the landing page, clever website designing sometimes keeps it very simple but intriguing. This prompts the visitors to scroll further and find more about the website.

Make the Experience Memorable Using Animation

One of the best website design ideas is to include some animation on your page. It often interests and attracts the users if there is some visually arresting image on the page. You can use this to communicate the message you want effectively to your targeted audience. However, care should be taken to use this medium for delivering the larger message and not just serving as a distraction on the page.

Interactive Websites Provide the Right Experience

Having a passive experience on a particular website repels the visitors and they quickly abandon it. Insert elements that engage them so that they spend time exploring the information you have published. It can be as simple as this: instead of giving a typical menu of your various services, you can add them besides a cute animation giving them the option of scrolling and clicking on it.



There are numerous website design ideas available. The need of the hour is to include those that make the user experience memorable. You shouldn’t implement all at one go but rather pick those that can stress on your uniqueness and showcase your product in the best way. Creativity works wonders, but too much of it will make things blow out of proportion. It is important to balance creativity with functionality and then you will be able to create the right balance that will attract and engage your visitors.

Author bio:

Micheal Anderson is a well-known name in the website design industry, currently working with Techmagnate as web expert. He works for web design, customization, Plugins development, sitemap creation etc.