In order to understand the demand and requirement of eCommerce marketing, one must understand what ecommerce actually is. In the simplest explanation, one can say that eCommerce is the modern way of shopping. Ecommerce businesses have emerged as a source of relief to all the lazy beans out there who dread the idea of actually stepping out from their abodes and going into the market just for the sake of buying something. Surprised? Yes! Such type of human species “does” exist. For buyers, this source of supply is comforting, but for the service providers, effective marketing and projection of their services has become a tiresome job, since like every other field of life, the competition in eCommerce business is also at its peak.

Marketing? Oh WHY…!!!

Let us just get our basics right first. Why do we see every now and then, that a potentially superb product goes down the drain in terms of sale, whereas another, not so worthy, product hits the jackpot? The one simple and basic flaw or mistake behind it is inefficient marketing. In this modern age of busy shoppers, it is not about what you are selling; it is about how you are selling it. Your sales pitch, your product-oriented Custom Boxes Wholesaleand primarily your marketing strategies play an immensely decisive role in the make or break of your offerings in the market.



In the field of business, planning ahead of time always comes in handy. Your marketing strategies must be planned ahead so that they can be changed or altered according to the requirements of time and trends, which, as you all obviously are well aware, are always changing. The world is getting digitalized progressively, and the eCommerce platform is now being excessively utilized for the sake of shopping. A number of people nowadays simply do not have enough time to actually go out and have a shopping spree, what better alternative for them there could be than to sit in front of their computers, select a product and make a purchase? Businessmen are making the most out of this opportunity and introducing new and innovative ways to make their businesses more and more visible on the internet in order to grasp the maximum number of attention and clientage. 

 It’s all about visibility!

 The more your business is visible to users, the better are your chances to gain customers and drive traffic to your business website.

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 How to be Visible:

So you have launched your eCommerce business and also invested a handsome amount of money in getting yourself custom packaging boxesoh, and by the way, before we take you to actual marketing mantras. It would be beneficial for you to know that you can actually get yourself your very own Custom Boxes Wholesale so you can further cut down on your expenses and invest a little more on the marketing strategies that we are going to elaborate ahead. So, what should be your next step? 

Get Noticed!

 Here are a few of some of the most effective marketing strategies you can use to grab customers attention, you should also know which type of packaging customers love. That you could utilize in order to get your business going within months.

  • Shopping AdsWe have all grown up rhyming our favorite jingles from catchy TV commercials, but gone are those days. Modern age offers digital memories, thanks to ads and commercial campaigns by our modern-day best buddy Google, we can prominently highlight our website at the top of the Google Search results. Using this service is not rocket science, but “utilizing” this service certainly requires some techniques and tricks to follow. For example, you should advertise your merchandise at specific times when the products you sell are in high demand or excessively searched for.


  • Social media AdsYour Google ad campaign brought you around 3 to 4 percent of the traffic on your website, but that did not convert into any potential sale. Does that mean your campaign was of no use? Not really. The game-changer here is to advertise and keep on re-advertising through different mediums. Imagine a person saw your ad on google search results the other day, and then the next time they see your ad on Facebook or Twitter, they would certainly feel the urge to look back into what you are up to. When an ad is being displayed on several platforms, the shoppers generally feel that there is certainly something happening or new that a business is offering and wants them to check out.
  • Get those Reviews:People tend to trust word of mouth about a product by other consumers. Encourage your buyers to leave a review of your products on your page or under your ad comments. Research has established that hose products are likely to be sold a lot faster that have positive reviews under their belt in comparison to those who do not.


  • Pop Pop Pop:

Imagine how many times we accidentally clicked a sales promotion that popped up suddenly on our web browsers? Creating pop-up banners related to your sales and new offerings might turn out to be a driving force to bring in traffic to your websites. But make sure that your popups are not recurrent as it may irritate the users. 

  • Referral Game

People like to get some extra cash. If you want to get them doing publicity campaigns for you, offer them a referral program that is beneficial for both them and you. If your products are good and your referral program is valid and strong, there is nothing stopping your sales from increasing. 

  • Animated Endorsements

Animated endorsement ads are doing in the modern age what the television commercials used to do in previous times. If they are original, funky, and attractive, they can be one of your best marketing strategy to hit the target.

Getting sales is the ultimate target of each and every person related to the field of business. And sales do not generate unless or until people are made to believe that what they are buying is actually worth buying. Internet is a world of illusions, so get your marketing game up, to make people see the worthiness of your project.