5 PC Games that have been Played Widely During the Lockdown

It is not easy to make a list of top 5 games. In this process you have to analyze a large number of games. I have done the same things. After a lot of research and also with the help of Google Search Console I have made a list of 5 PC games that have been played widely during the lockdown. Have a look of these games-

PC Game played in lockdown

 1.Grand theft auto vice city

 This game has been really popular among 90's kids. Many of the gamers of today’s time started playing games with this one. Some of them were addicted to it. You can play this game on PC only. Playing this game is really fun. In this game, you can just complete the missions, ride vehicles, run from cops, kill peoples on the street, and so on. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a cellphone. You will get the instructions about executing the missions and all via the cellphone. In order to progress, you need to buy all possible properties, complete extra missions as well as rampages. There will be about 100 packages hidden in different places that you need to find. By doing all these things, you can win the game. So, this game is a great way to enjoy your time and explore the world. In the '90s this game was considered kinda realistic. You can't deny that much this game got a really great number of admirers.

2. DOTA2

 DOTA2 is an amazing game. It’s an online-based multiplayer game. The stats of this game is far better than most other PC games. This game is full of strategy and action. To win this game, you just need to defend your ancient or destroy the opponent's ancient. So, at first, you will get to choose and control any hero that you want to be from hero customization. You will get plenty of options to choose from. You can select whichever you like. The same hero can not be selected by other players that have already been taken. Each hero contains different potentials.  The game is played between two teams each containing 5 members. There will be several towers on both sides of a team. You need to destroy the opponent's tower to level up your heroes. You may also need to kill the creeps and all. Overall it’s a really exciting game to play. This game can be a little frustrating and confusing for beginners. But once you understand the strategy, you are sure to love this game. Moreover, this game has a lot of updates available.

 3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

 Counterstrike is a multiplayer game. It’s a game of total 10 players. There will be two teams playing the game. Each of the team contains 5 players. One of the teams plays the role of terrorists while the other one plays the role of counter-terrorists. It’s a time-based game. If you are playing as a member of the terrorist team then you will have to plant a bomb in any bomb site. Then you must defend the area until the bomb explodes. You can also win the game by killing the opponents. But if you are playing as a counter-terrorist then you need to stop the terrorist team from planting the bomb or find the bomb and destroy it. Or you may just kill the terrorists to win the game. You need to complete your mission in time. You can practice offline with or without bots. You will get a bunch of money on winning this game by which you can get yourself more guns and pieces of equipment. You can be an expert on this game if you know the maps really well. To get a grip on the maps you need to play this game more often. Overall it’s a really fun and kinda realistic game to play.

 4. Half-Life 2

 Half-life 2 is an amazing game to play. It’s a continuation of the first game series of half-life. It is probably the best single-player first-person shooter PC game ever made. At the very beginning of the game, you will find yourself on a train or metro whatever you say. You will be playing the character of Mr. G. Freeman. The last stop will be at city 17 where you need to get off the train. The graphics of this game is really satisfying and realistic. Once you enter the game you will know that yourself. The artistic design of this game is really impressive. So after starting the game you will be given instructions on what needs to be done. Basically, you will have to kill the zombies and aliens, and other enemies for the raise of humans. Valve has used physics in a great way in this game. The usage of physics seems so real. Though some of the parts of this game may not be to your liking. Again it does not offer any multiplayer version. But overall it’s a gorgeously wonderful game. And if you are a PC game lover then you must try playing it. 

 5. Happy Wheels Unblocked

 The happy wheels unblocked is an online-based game. One can get a lot of pleasure by playing this game. You can see that from the name "Happy wheel". The main theme of this game is graphical violence. There are several levels and challenges in this game. If you like challenges then this game would probably be the best game to play. You can finish your game by reaching the endpoint of the level you are playing in. You can select any vehicles that you like to play this game. While playing the game, you will face any kind of obstacle. So reaching the endpoint may be a little difficult. The game gets harder as the level goes up. Sometimes you may find it really frustrating to reach the end of the level. While playing the game you will die several times and you may find these deaths really hilarious. The screen becomes all red with blood on your death. So, if you are not comfortable with all this violence then you may not prefer this game. Sometimes it may not give proper service because of the internet connection. This game is kind of realistic in the case of applying physics. It's really fun to play. One must play it.