Review of Apple Watch 6

 You will see a more significant number of sensors, in this recent upgrade. The all-new Apple Watch 6 will offer a much better battery life than its predecessors. It has a more powerful chipset and an integrated altimeter. However, its battery life could have been better, and its blood oxygen sensor needs alerts. You might not see significant differences between the all-new Watch 6 and its predecessor Watch 5 or even watch 4, but still, there are some impressive upgrades which make it considerable.

You can see a new S6 chipset inside the watch that will provide you with a more powerful chipset. The watch comes with a comparatively better battery life and the blood oxygen monitor on the watch allows you to look at how much oxygen is pumping throughout your system.

You also get an altimeter so that you can easily track your elevation. The screen of Watch 6 can become two and a half times brighter compared to its predecessors when you are outside and under strong sunlight.

The Apple Watch 6 comes with the all-new WatchOS 7, which has some impressive features like hand-washing tracking, sleep tracking, and a more significant number of watch faces. You also get to see a slightly-frightening Memoji of your own on your wrist.

apple watch 6

To know if the all-new Apple Watch 6 upgrades are worth over the existing models or not, follow the article:

Apple Watch 6: Release Date & Price

The Apple Watch 6 got released on September 18, and there were also pre-orders going on before that.

If you are looking for a 40mm version, it will cost you around $399 / £379 / AU$599. If you want the 44mm version of Watch 6, it comes at $429 / £409 / AU$649. Both of these listed prices are for the GPS-only version, which comes without any cellular connectivity.

In case you want the watch, which is LTE-ready, it has a price of $499 / £479 / AU$749 for the 40mm version, and the cost of $529 / £509 / AU$799 for the 44mm version.

Apple Watch 6: Blood Oxygen Monitoring & Measurement

Blood Oxygen Sensor is the key upgrade on the all-new Apple Watch. It can easily monitor how much oxygen is pumping around in your blood cells. It can quickly provide indications about an underlying medical issue if you have any. It can also alert you regarding environmental factors. This feature is straightforward to use as you only have to keep your wrist in a still mode for over 15 seconds. The app will start its counting and provide you with the results regarding the percentage of oxygen that your blood is carrying. The good readings are in between 95-100%.

However, Apple, on the other hand, claims that this feature should not be used for a medical condition as the Blood Oxygen app measurements are not intended to be used in self-diagnosis and medical purposes. It should only be used for general fitness purposes. All in all, blood oxygen readings work efficiently.

Apple Watch 6: Design & Display

Apple Watch 6 comes with a similar design since the release of Apple Watch 4. It comes in two versions, 40mm and 44mm for users having varied wrist sizes. The new Apple watch, however, comes with a larger screen compared to its predecessors.

It has curved edges, the power button, and the digital crown. Its Taptic engine, which is present inside its little motor creates a tapping feeling upon your wrist whenever any notification arrives. This is one of the best ways to gain the user’s attention. The addition of the red color on the product alongside others makes it more impressive and vibrant on the wrist.

The Apple Watch 6 comes in various new colors like a new blue aluminum version, a gold version of the stainless steel, a black graphite variant, and a newly launched red variant. Apple is continuing with the “always-on” display for the Watch 6 which is similar to the OLED screen on Watch 5. Apple has, however, added the ‘brightness boost’ feature for getting a two and a half times brighter screen display compared to the previous watches while you use it in the cases of extreme sunlight.

Apple Watch 6 feels like a minor update over the Apple Watch 5. The Apple Watch 6 is a wearable of a premium kind that comes packed with good features.