Important Goal Or Reason For Guest Posting

In the last article related to guest blogging, there are some of the advantages of guest posting. So from those advantages, you can see if you aren’t utilizing guest posting, therefore you may be missing out from one of those strategies which can help to rapidly grow your business online. 

I know some even if they have the desire to do guest posting may not know how to go about it. So I have listed some steps below which will take you through on how to go about the process of guest posting

First things first you have to determine your main goal or reason for guest posting.

 It may be;

-desire to position yourself as an authority in the industry
-Get traffic coming to your website
-getting backlinks to improve the SEO status of your website

1) Check out the best guest blogging opportunities.

while you are looking for a site to guest post on, you have to associate yourself with high authority and influential sites. Always take note of the following when looking for a guest blog site; 

-Check out sites in the same or in a similar niche
-Their audience should likely be interested in the products and services you offer.
-Their website should have a high domain authority
-Their website or band should have high authority in the industry
-Their website should have a high volume of audiences who engaged in reads content.

                                                                                Another way to find these opportunities is to take in mind most bloggers like to share their guest post on their social networks and you can easily get that on twitter typing “guest post” on twitter’s search engine and it will present to you the newest tweets about the most valuable guest post in our niche. 

                                                                                One of my favorites is leveraging "My Blog Guest". My Blog Guest is a blogger community where you can sign up free and search to find sites that are open or receiving guest posting or you can otherwise drop your request that you are searching for a site to write a guest for on a specific topic and other bloggers will contact you. 

                                                                                Also, some sites will be more open to accepting guest posts from some specific category of people than others. It’s always good to check out the bios of their previous posts to see if most of their post is mostly written by agencies, consultations, business owners, freelancers and so on. 

                                                                                It’s not advisable to associate with low-quality sites that will not help your brand and SEO. You should also do random discoveries and findings to see where influencers in your field of interest are guest posting. This will help you know who offers your pitch. If influencers in your niche are posting more often on a particular site then that means there is something special about the site that you should consider finding out and maybe also dropping a guest post to as well. 

                                                                                If a website doesn't allow you to put your link on a guest post, then it’s not advisable to work with such a site because especially if your goal is getting a backlink and traffic. It’s not going to be a win-win relationship for both of you instead it will be a win for them and a loss for you. 

                                                                                Also if the site doesn't give any credit to the author of the article by allowing them to place their names on it then you don't have any reason to work with them because it will eventually not be a win-win relationship. 

                                                                                 Getting familiar with the Blog community….        Here the secret is the more familiarity the blogger is with you the higher the probability that they will accept your guest post request. 

You can take about 2 weeks continuously commenting and sharing their latest posts and tweets of the specific blog owners you want to guest post for. This will help you to get noticed by them also create that familiarity and hence increases your chances of being accepted when you pitch your guest post request. 

2) Creating the pitch and how to outreach to these sites 

REMEMBER most of these sites you want to pitch to are also receiving a turn of emails or social media messages each day from other bloggers who want to guest post on their sites too. So you have to think of a way to make your message stand out.
You can either reach out to these brands through their main site email 

TAKE NOTE of the following points when checking these sites; 

-Check and understand the mission and the tone of the blog you are trying to guest post for. Knowing their mission will help you understand the type of guest post there are more open to. If your pitch stands to work in collaborates with their mission then it will increase your probability of being accepted.

-Tell them why they should listen to you. Here explain to them why and how you are qualified to write a guest post on their blog. 
For Example; 
 You can tell them you did some research about .......... and you have seen and discover that if you write about ........ it will help their blog achieve...... and also help you achieve ...... through their audiences.

Hope from the example above you do understand what this point is trying to prove.
Also talking about your level of experience in blogging. Remember their audience is the key to their business and so they won't like to show a post to them that is from someone who is or his post is not qualified. Also, back up your ideas with evidence.

-Keep it short. 
 Keep in mind every editor is behind schedule and they also receive emails from other blog owners like you, so they won't enough to read all these emails or messages so what you have to do is keep your message short and straight to the point.
Remember these brands you are always pitching to will always be looking for ways to say no, so you have to present your pitch in a way that will enable them to say yes.

-Tell them your plan to promote and support the post you write
If you have lots of channels as a result of your brand then you can explain to them how you will share and promote this post using your brand communication channels. 

Remember part of their job is to enable new people to come and read content on their blog every day, so when you give them ways which you will use to get people coming to their site because of your post, you are doing their job for them and hence this will really get excited and increase your chances of being accepted. 

Guest posting is a long-term strategy to grow your business. 

Guest posting site -samblogger001

Building a successful business online is all about being an authority in your industry and guest posting is one of the best things that can make you accomplish this mission. Guest posting helps grow your brand and name in your market. 

If you consider doing guest posting and getting consistent traffic, continuously building your authority, and also building backlinks then, it will be advisable to guest post at least 2 times a week for about two years so you can have about 200 guest articles on the internet after about two years. I know these may scare some people as they read this. They will be like but how am going to write 2 articles a week…. hahaha but that's not difficult, it’s all about practicing daily. Something is only difficult in the beginning but after a few times of doing it, you eventually understand the secret behind it and start doing it with more ease and in less time. We all know this saying "practice makes perfect". 

You need to be consistent with whatever you are doing-especially creating value to build any successful business online. Some people may think you can just do 3 guest post and start seeing massive results but OPPS that's not really true even if you see some results it won’t really be for long. You need a turn of articles out there to start getting the attraction you desire.

Today I did watch an interview about Neil Patel (For those who don't know him, Neil Patel is one of the biggest and highly influential digital marketers on them online). In this interview, Neil reveals guest posting as one of the strategies which he uses to build authority in his industry online. He also spoke that he was written guest posts article every single day and after 2 years he had written over 500 guest post articles and today Neil doesn't write a guest post again because the once he had written had help position him as an authority is still doing it today in his industry and now, the reward is his getting thousands of traffic coming to his site every day. But Neil also said he only started seeing massive results from his guest posting after continuous written for one year, not after a few days.

I know some people may be busy and won't have time to write guest articles but if you are included then you don't have to worry because you can higher agencies out there who will do the job for you. They will contact the website and write guest articles and place them on these websites on your behalf and these will save you much time. 

Written By
Che Azinwi From “Azinwi Digital Media” .