Flip a coin to Be creative and toss the options


Flip a coin  - samblogger01

The creative mind is the greatest asset for today’s survival in the competitive situation.  Now every corporate or professional expects to be very creative and innovative in their solution providing. Why creativity is given so much significance today is a great discussion going on but we never realize it has been there for some decades back itself.  Having a creative thought process is always welcome by the world and anybody for that matter. Do not restrict only with the corporate aspect but creativity begins from home. Parents start teaching their kids from the day of birth or once the child starts realizing things on its own.  Since that journey, the creative process is ongoing and it can never stop by any mid concept details. Nobody can the claim that creative start expectation has bloomed are considered very significant only in these times but you take back the historical details the creative expectation is a very long thought process and has been found essential some centuries back.


What are the essentials to be very creative?


There is no hard and fast rule for someone to be very creative as some claim that creativity is a born skill and some say it’s a learned skill. here we’re not going to discuss anything about whether the creativity is learned in this Caleb on the skill it is all a necessity of skills today. Only when you are very creative and innovative in your doings do you look very smart by the professionals and the companies and immediately accept something unique in their crowd. In the marketing terminology, we must have heard the concept called a unique selling proposition meaning every brand has its own way of marketing things and getting their brands promoted to the people similarly as human beings. We also have a serious responsibility of branding us to the world in a unique way through our unique characters. This is what we have started mentioning since the beginning of this saying that being creative is a mother of necessity.


If you have to be creative you need to be really processing the observing skills. Why does observation skill play an important part in determining your creative thought? You will be able to adapt different kinds of analytical interpretation through which you will become a solution provider. majority of the solution providers or seem to be very creative and they come out with innovative thought processes. This is the basic ideology that anybody should process and that’s why it’s expected to be very observant when it is with regard to the acquisition of creative and innovative skills. Make sure that you are able to interpret data and results in a multitude of ways, the only reason you become very prominent in choosing the necessity of whatever choices that you want. Very critical is to identify and explore the creative backgrounds but once you start acquiring the fundamentals of how a person could be creative then you are able to rock the show.


Take a clear stand


When you are mind is very clear you can think practical and when you are becoming an observant you can become very creative. This is the fundamental thought process that everyone should process and the basic ideology is also heard the same. So many times you might have seen people deciding by doing coin toss and making decisions. is one of the smartest ways and even sometimes considered to be a creative solution provider to the people who find it very complex to make smarter decisions. the easy coin flip and make the decisions quickly. alongside they also make sure that whatever heads or tails they get as an answer that takes the stand very clearly and proceed with the perfect decision making. If it is going to give you a creative answer then there is nothing wrong with flip a coin and making a decision.. One of the ideologies that we need to make very comprehensive to others is going by a smooth way of choices and chances to adopt decisions as well as being very practical and whatever the situations they are. creativity can really happen only when your mind is at come state or in a peaceful scenario.


This is the fundamental thought process that we need to really interpret and inherit in everybody's life to avoid conflict of parts and get a clear stand of decision making. that layout choices can be or daily routine or can be even you are futuristic aspects irrespective of whatever it is being creative and innovative are the crucial components to be shared and transcended to the others as well. Read and get updated in your area of field and make sure that you can also understand what can be your area of interest and take decisions regarding your process related to it. if you feel that you are lacking in the creative and innovative process do not worry it's neither a bond skill Northern skill but it's very adaptive as and when possible for you