How to Do Target Marketing for SEO and Generate Leads


Target Marketing SEO - samblogger01

Whenever you come up with an internet marketing strategy, you need to be sure before that about what is the real purpose of your Internet Marketing Strategy? To Increase Brand Awareness? Generate Sales Leads? Sell Product Directly? Cost of Doing Business? The real purpose is to communicate with a "Prospect” First your Prospect needs to find you.  Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are a simple way of promoting your products and lead generation.

That is where New Age Lead Generation comes in.  Creating an Internet Marketing strategy that also includes tactics.  The strategy must include not just getting leads but also taking it to the next step. Using SEO to help pre-qualify leads and Social Media to find prospects then develop the relationship. Businesses are doing Social Media marketing and optimization and Web 2.0 for one reason and one reason only, which is to generate leads and then close the sale.  That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.  Looking at all the Social Media and Web 2.0 not only do you get the word out but you see what others are saying.  What is really the Holy Grail, being able to research and qualify leads?

Those that only use it to get messages out are playing with only a half deck.  Use both sides and look for sales, not just a conversation. There is a wealth of customers waiting to be researched. Create a plan.  Develop a real lead qualification procedure. Trackback all the leads and those that have commented on your blog to see if there is some common ground. Take a moment and step back, look at your sales funnel, how social media and web 2.0 fits into your sales funnel.  How can it help you qualify leads?  Review your website, look to see how you are using it, and make sure social media along with your SEO are in step.  Use social media to develop not just a conversation but also, more importantly, a relationship. Steps to create a social media marketing plan:

Define your goals– Lead Generation, Customer Service, Brand Awareness are some key areas, so weight them.  Like any goal, create ways to measure success.

Develop a virtual team– The team would be made up of several departments with a senior exec responsible for the team.  Note:  this should not be set up as its own department to prevent another silo from being developed.

Determine what existing processes can be used or enhanced– Do not reinvent the wheel. The most current process can be enhanced and made more efficient.

Identify customer niches– Look at the types of people that use your products and look at new ways to reach them.  Remember selling 40% to 5,000 is better than 1% of 100,000.

Create a “Cost per Lead” model– ROI is more of a big picture of a campaign but it can give false information for the day today.

Remember the most important thing you can do is define what success really means.  Do not be worry about bringing other professionals in.  This may appear to add some extra cost however the savings for staying on track will more than makeup for it. Moreover, this is just a glimpse into the whole strategy or the strategies that you can use to optimize your website and generate leads, in order to know more follow us.