Benefits of Guest Posting | Guest Blogging

If your blog isn't getting as much attraction as you wish and desire then you need to consider engaging in guest posting. Guest posting is one of the best ways to grow your blog. It simply means posting on another person's blog as a guest. 

With guest posting, you contribute or add content on another person's website or blog that is ideally in the same field of interest or in the same niche as yours, and in return, you reward yourself with an external backlink to use on your own blog.

Guest posting strategy is a win-win for both your site and the blog you are guest posting for... isn't that a brilliant idea??

Before I talk about how to do guest posting, let me first start by telling you how guest posting can help your own blog, business, and brand. Guest posting is all about generating interest that's why your guest post always has to be excellent hence the more catchy and valuable your guest post is, the more attraction and interest it will therefore generate. 

Guest posting is good to grow your business online 

Benefits of guest posting include;

1) Positions you as an authority in your market.

 Authority is the key to online marketing. Still, with the best content, your audiences will find it difficult to convert and buy your products if they don't have trust in you or your brand. People love to do business and buy from people who they know, like, and trust. By creating and adding content consistently on other authority sites helps to position you as a source of information for your audiences. This will make your targeted audiences recognize you as being trustworthy and become more receptive to any valuable content you present on your site thereby increasing your authority. 

2) Stimulate social media shares and increases your social media following

The more valuable your content is the more shares it will receive. If you contribute content on a blog with many social media activities then your article will eventually start receiving shares as soon as it goes online. These can also stimulate them to take a look at your brand and hence increase your brand recognition and social media following. 

You also become more trustworthy in the eyes of your followers. It will easy to win their trust if you continuously post useful content in the field of their interest.

3)Backlinks from authority sites.

Many blogging sites that are open to guest posting always allow at least one link back to your own site.
Just getting a single backlink from an authority site can really beneficial to your SEO because it will increase your rankings on Google search. 

Guest posting helps you attract more audiences for your site by tapping into the Host Blog's audiences you are making a guest post for.

4) Your sales funnel is shorten 

 A sales funnel is the process where a complete stranger goes through before removing their credit cards and buying any product or services from your site.
Having a piece of content on an authority site can play a big role in reducing the steps which your audiences normally go through before buying a product or booking a call at your site. These contents which you are regularly contributing to other blogs help to increase the familiarity between your targeted audience with you and your brand, build trust and these can therefore shorten the sales process when they want to buy any products or services you do offer.

5) More Exposure To Targeted traffic.

The guest post helps to increase the targeted traffic for your website. We all know traffic is the oxygen of any business online, if your business has to survive then you need traffic continuously coming to it and guest posting can help you to accomplish this mission. Some guest posts can generate traffic which can later increase your sales and bookings..
If you succeed to write a top-quality post on a high authority website, you can expect to start getting traffic ones it goes live. Though to consistently get lots of traffic from guest posts, you need to continuously write lots of guest articles.

6) Improves your content marketing skills

 Guest posting involves every aspect of content marketing because it expects you to do effective content research, adopting the best way to communicate you the audience, Outreaching to influencers, and a lot more. 

TAKE NOTE.. the easiest way to learn content marketing is by constantly practicing every aspect of it and guest posting helps you to accomplish this mission successfully.