Buy OnePlus Nord Instead Of OnePlus 8

 Are you thinking of shopping for OnePlus 8? Well, if you're then, we advise you to stop straight away and give some thought to buying the new OnePlus Nord instead. 

OnePlus Nord could be a mid-range phone that has been recently launched by OnePlus within the market. The phone has many premium features in it and is incredibly like OnePlus 8, and also the neatest thing about it's that it's not that expensive too and comes with a tag of $ 450. Therefore, if you were thinking of shopping for an OnePlus 8, we recommend you stop immediately and give some thought to buying One Plus Nord instead.

Here is why you ought to buy OnePlus Nord rather than OnePlus 8.

Both Devices Have Same Display

Both OnePlus 8 and OnePlus Nord include an AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Amazingly, the corporate has added an analogous display like OnePlus 8 to OnePlus Nord, which may be a mid-range phone. Besides this, the OnePLus Nord also supports HDR 10+ rather like the OnePlus 8, which makes the OnePlus Nord an ideal pick for somebody who wants premium features in his smartphone but doesn’t want to spend plenty of cash for it.

Both Devices include a 48 MP Front Camera 

Another thing that's common between both the devices is that OnePlus Nord also has 48 MP similar to OnePlus 8, which implies both the devices are capable of taking pictures of the identical quality. Additionally, OnePlus Nord comes with two front cameras (32 MP, 8 MP). Whereas OnePlus 8 comes with one front camera (16 MP), which suggests you'll take better selfies from OnePlus Nord as compared to OnePlus 8. So why do you have to buy OnePlus 8 after you can have a more powerful and better camera if you get OnePlus Nord.

Same OS With Three Years of Updates

OnePlus Nord is powered by OxygenOS 10.0 and can also receive updates for 3 years, which incorporates security patches and two major OS Updates similar to OnePlus 8. Surprisingly, the corporate has committed to deliver updates to its mid-range phone for 3 years because most companies don’t like better to do that, especially if we speak about mid-range phones. 

You Get All-Day Battery Life and 30w Fast Charging With OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord comes with a 4115 mAh battery and 30W fast charging, which implies you'll charge its battery from 0 to 70 you bored with half-hour. However, the battery of the OnePlus 8 is greater than the OnePlus Nord, but that doesn't make it more superior than the OnePlus Nord because both devices include 30W fast charging technology.


Both the devices are very similar and contain similar features, and thus it makes no sense in spending extra money on OnePlus 8 to urge the features that you just have in OnePlus Nord. So, if you were thinking of shopping for OnePlus 8, we advise you're thinking that about buying OnePlus Nord rather than it.