How to Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Response On LinkedIn - [Infographic]

Be confident and share the statement with most of my audiences, and get a response on LinkedIn Profile.
Maximum people have a LinkedIn profile nowadays and we can find an individual so easily on this platform. Based on  statistics that LinkedIn used to share often also reports from other users who analysis actual usage of social media sites, the majority of the user who has profiles don't access the site monthly—yes, that's right, not even monthly.
So you need to think about the next step to increase the popularity of your profile amongst others and connect with someone in your target audience who has a LinkedIn profile. You need to think which step is most appropriate for your situation and whether the approach to your profile is correct or not. Review whether the person is on LinkedIn consistently (profile photo, number of connections, complete profile, posting information, etc.) or may not even remember his/her password.

Here we will discuss the step to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile

·         Add an avatar

·         Complete your profile

·         Introduce yourself to other members

·         Ask your question!