How To Edit Blogger Template XML

If you are interested in creating the blog on blogger. First thing need to learn about blogger is to design the Blogger theme. To change the design of Bloggers (blogspot) look, you have to alter its theme or template includes additional or customized HTML, CSS, JavaScript codes. Prior to altering HTML or XML you ought to be aware of the backup of your current introduced XML Theme or Template.

Else, you may lose past design or codes to reuse, since there have confinement steps to go past (fix) design by Ctrl + Z or forward/redo by Ctrl + Y


To start with, we will perceive how to restore/backup Blogger/Blogspot design.


Your current introduced theme is the most significant and important property of your blog or site. The carelessness to backup may bring out large damages, for example, losing important variable data or codes. In that condition If you Have the backup file for your Blogger XML to your Computer index, you can transfer whenever you have to reestablish your past theme.

STEP-1: Open Blogger Dashboard, Move to Theme option and you will see like below.

blogger XML - samblogger01

Click on 3 dot icon and Choose the ‘Backup’ option according to the Image. You will see a pop-up window.

blogger XML - samblogger01

STEP-2: Click on the Download option in the pop-up option. The backup file will start downloading automatically in the Download directory of your computer.


Previous theme backup  or new premium or free Blogger XML theme can be uploaded using the restore option as per our requirement for the new design of the Blogger.


Step by step process to install the new or backup XML theme on the blogger. Follow the step below to install the new theme

STEP-1: Open Blogger Dashboard, Go to the  3 dots option. Click on the  ‘Restore’ option in pop up according to the figure.

STEP-2: Click on ‘Upload option to update the New/Backup Blogger XML File as following the figure.

blogger XML - samblogger01

STEP-3: Now you will be redirected to your Computer Drive. Find the drive where you have saved or download New/Backup Blogger Theme to upload. After getting the desired drive in the computer select the Blogger XML template file and ‘Open'.
blogger XML - samblogger01


Editing process of the Blogger/ Blogspot Theme or Template is top-level for a New Blogger (Who starts blogging). If you don’t have the basic concept knowledge of all [HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Inspect Element from Browser] to edit the template design or format of your current theme, then it will so difficult for you to do so.

If you want to
  1. Add or remove codes,
  2. Minify or beautify,
  3. Design etc.

You have to edit Blogger HTML & XML.
Multiple ways are there to  edit  Blogger HTML  on your Desktop through HTML editors like Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, Notepad++, Gedit, etc or Blogger HTML editor window.

First, create an XML file of Your theme code  and after that, you can edit in Desktop HTML editor.

On another side, Blogger Editor have more advantage in editing the Code for design of your theme

  1. You can see preview your changes on your Blogger but it wouldn’t available on Desktop Editor because of the XML file.
  2. You can jump to widget easily what is impossible at Desktop Editor.
  3. After any changes, you can save your theme instantly, what is bored for Desktop Editor.

Customize or change the design Blog or Website from Browser

STEP-1: Choose the Blogger or website page you want to customize. Lets selected the Homepage.

STEP-2: Select the elements (Font, Div, Table, Form, Button, etc.) of your Blog and select Firebug/Inspect Element/Other tools to inspect elements from Right Button Click.

blogger XML - samblogger01

You will see the HTML and CSS coding for the selected item of your blogger.

blogger XML - samblogger01

If you want to select the font and want to change the font size. To change the font size, click on the value of font-size and set as you want.

You can analyze the changes in live. Similarly, you can edit color, background, width etc. You can also add more CSS after it.

STEP-3: After customizing the CSS, we have to change on Blogger HTML Codes. Otherwise, It doesn’t effect at the time of reloading the page. So copy the customized or changed CSS to your theme. To do that we have to mainly two works:

  1. Find the name of ID/Class of customized CSS from Blogger HTML what we have done on Blog.
  2. Copy the changed CSS and paste to the selected ID/Class on Blogger HTML.

STEP-4: Copy the name of class or id of CSS. 

blogger XML - samblogger01

STEP-5: Open the Blogger dashboard and follow the step Dashboard – Theme-3 dot – Edit Theme

blogger XML - samblogger01

And To enable edit, click on the code
STEP-6: Use Ctrl + F  using the Keyboard and Ctrl + V. then hit ENTER. You will find the required CSS to change.

blogger XML - samblogger01


STEP-7: Now go to the previous tab but don’t close the current tab and copy the whole CSS under the name or ID as below.

STEP-8:  Use paste by Ctrl + V  to paste the CSS to the correct place to change the Theme CSS as per requirement.

STEP-9: After Making change Save the theme and generate the preview to view the change.

If you click on Preview Theme option, you will preview of your Blog here. But be patient to see.


Editing codes result in a good look with the proper indention and help to understand, navigate codes easily. You can format codes within Blogger XML Theme on Blogger HTML Editor now.

Follow the below steps.

STEP-1: Go to Blogger Dashboard → Theme → Edit HTML

STEP-2: Click on ‘Format Theme’ to format. If you want redo formatting, then ‘Revert Changes’.’.

I hope you have learned how to edit the Blogger template.