July 11, 2020

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10 Biggest SEO Myths That You Should Not Believe

SEO is undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing tactics that can help your business to generate a maximized revenue. But, like a real world, there are many myths about search engine optimization that can prevent you in achieving the improved ranking and search traffic.

10 SEO Myths That You Should Never Believe  

  • Google fights with SEO is the most common myth. Yes, it is true that Google updates its algorithms frequently but, this is done to improve the online user’s experience not to reduce your website ranking intentionally. You can still enjoy the higher ranking by making a few changes if you’re already practicing the white-hat SEO and know how new algo will work.
  • Bringing your website at the top of search engine result pages for the cheaper rates only in few days. This is one of the biggest misconceptions on which people believe quickly in order to achieve a higher ranking. It is not possible that everything come at the lowest price and quickly. For example, if any company providing professional polish translation services in India guarantee you that they can translate the lengthy website of numbers of pages in an hour with 100% accuracy, then it would not be possible at all. In the same way, SEO is a time-consuming process. It requires the use of effective strategies constantly and regular updates from a skilled expert.
  • Don’t believe if someone told you that optimizing the website for search engine only once can guarantee the top ranking for a lifetime. As we already touched above that SEO is an ongoing process, so you need to focus on regular monitoring, updates, and improvements

More to discuss

  • Many people say that link building is dead but, in reality, it still holds great importance in SEO. By getting the quality links, you can boost authenticity and improve the ranking of a site.
  • After the update in Google Hummingbird Algo, many webmasters consider keyword research and targeting as unfruitful tactic. If you also think the same then change your mindset. This is because Google continuously showing keywords on its first page.
  • Spending your time only on checking keyword density is not a strategy of a real marketer. How many times you place the keywords does not matter highly. Instead of this, your focus should be on using the search-engine friendly and user-friendly content with correct placement of keyword and quality internal & external links.
  • Social signals are no longer the ranking factors. Is it true? NO. The reason is that social media engagement also plays a vital role in the appearance of a website in SERP. The indexation of social media pages increases the possibility of improved ranking.
  • Should I stop guest blogging for link building? If you’re thinking this, then it’s a no from experts. Guest blogging is helpful if you’re getting the content relevant to your industry with quality links.
  • The sitemap does not have connectivity with the ranking is another myth of SEO. XML sitemap makes your site crawlable and indexed which eventually boost your Google position.
  • Paid Google Ads can reward you with organic ranking. No, it is not true in any sense because both of these have different contributions in ranking. To appear in organic results, you have to work according to organic algorithms.

All these misconceptions can turn your game of SEO in a wrong way and lead to failure. So, it’s better to eliminate these myths and find proven ways to improve your site’s visibility and traffic.