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您好,歡迎光臨凌云海糖業集團網站![登陸]  [注冊]
時間:2016/5/26 8:58:57   文章來源:凌云海糖業集團




General Introduction to Rizhao Sunshine Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd.

    Rizhao Sunshine Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd. is established in February 2003 with the current registered capital 100 million RMB. The company currently owns 3 circulating fluidized bed boilers of 75T/H, 2 extraction condensing turbine generator sets of 15MW. In 2012, 2 boilers of 260 tons and 1 back pressure set were added. The company can realize the steam providing ability of 420T/H, 432 million KW/H of electricity annually, and heating of 3 million square meters in winter. The company has built main steam pipe of 30 kilometers, main circulating water pipeline 35 kilometers, covering Rizhao Economic-Technology Development Area and Kuishan District.

    According to the requirement of modernization and professionalization, the company will adjust and optimize the organization structure and managing structure. Directed by the market preview, based on thermoelectricity industry, the company will develop in a way of multi-industry, resource comprehensive utilization and intensification management, sincerely serve the society to improve the enterprise’s economic benefits and social benefits.


集團地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店    全國服務熱線:0633-3602298

集團銷售部電話:0633-3602298    集團銷售部辦公地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店裙樓

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