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您好,歡迎光臨凌云海糖業集團網站![登陸]  [注冊]
時間:2016/5/25 16:59:27   文章來源:凌云海糖業集團




General Introduction to Rizhao Linghai Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Rizhao Linghai Logistics Co., Ltd. was established by Rizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Group Co., Ltd. with the investment of 1379.158 million RMB. It located to the south of Liushi Road and the west of Lanzhou Road in Rizhao Economic-Technology Development Area, and it occupies the area of 359050.89 m?2 (538.57 mu). The company built Linghai Logistic Cereals & Oil Delivery Center program, of which the total construction area is 191077 square meters, including sugar preservation warehouse of 51840 square meters, cereals warehousing area of 53523 square meters, oil warehousing area of 18958 square meters, soybean meal warehouse 45685 square meters, comprehensive building 6584 square meters, logistics service facility 11800 square meters and attached facilities of 2678 square meters.

    This program was started to build on November 8th, 2012 and it is predicted to be put into practice in October, 2013.


集團地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店    全國服務熱線:0633-3602298

集團銷售部電話:0633-3602298    集團銷售部辦公地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店裙樓

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